Controlling Automated Dust Collection

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Fri Apr 27, 2018 10:38 am
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Controlling Automated Dust Collection

Hi Karl,

I am looking to create an automated dust collection system for my woodshop similar to this In addition, I would like to incorporate a differential pressure sensor in the exhaust side of the dust collection pipe to know when the filter is getting too clogged. I have purchased a MPXV7002DP (

The first link that talks about using current transformers to sense when a power tool has been turned on and then correctly opening the blast gate and turning on the collector. It appears that they are simply analog devices that can easily be read from an I/O pin. Same goes for the differential pressure sensor. The servo controller he uses works through I2C (

His setup he used an arduino to control everything, my question to you...It would be a trivial task to leverage the goodness you have in the ipBeacon plugin and indigo to sense on/off from a current transformer and have a trigger that closes all other blast gates and opens the correct one. Then have a delayed action that turns on the dust collector once all the gates have closed and opened (don't want the collector turning on when zero gates are open).

I have looked through the list of supported devices for in the piBeacon, but don't really see anything that fits the 3 devices I would need.
1) Analog indigo device for sensing the current transformers signal.
2) Analog indigo device for sensing the differential pressure sensor signal.
3) I2C device that can interface with the servo controller.

Should i instead be looking at your Arduino plugin? If so, the three devices above still need to be implemented. Also, if the devices I need are not something that can be achieved with the current out of the box plugin devices, what custom code could I write to achieve what I am looking for.



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