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Re: piBeacon: 7- tested Beacons

PostPosted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 6:50 am
by johnpolasek
johnfdl wrote:
So I've been playing with a few beacons.....

Same deal as Nonda ZUS and shows up in Bluetooth app on phone with label ITAG, then found it in Indigo Plugin device using MAC. Worked just fine (though had lower signal than ZUS). To be honest, I am unsure where I got these from, but they show on Wal-Mart website for $7. Nice form factor but I prefer the rechargeable battery on the ZUS.

Hope this helps folks.

Fun facts about ITAG,s... I bought a 3 pack on Amazon for $10 a couple of years ago and they didn't work; stayed up for about 5 minutes when I pressed the button, then shut down till I hit the button again; not all that useful for presence detection. But since I had a few reward bucks on one of my credit cards, I tried again last week. This time I could get 4 for $10, AND THESE WORK FINE; They're getting really lousy reviews on Amazon because apparently their app on the phone triggers much too early (as in a couple of feet separation) but the one I powered up and left in the console of the truck shows up on the garage PI as soon as the vehicle gets home and the metal door opens, then expires as soon as it leaves for the past 8 days. But if you are planning on using them in PIBeacon, you don't need to use an app on the phone to ID them; they ALL have the same UUID: 0a00050202180eff05-2377-21569 (both the original 3 as well as the new one I enabled), but unique MACs that begin with FC:58:FA, so just power them up one at a time and then look for that UUID to separate them from any other Bluetooth sources around. I have only powered up the first new one so far, but unless the battery life is extremely short will probably bring up the rest as the XY's and XY3s everyone is currently carrying continue to croak.

Re: piBeacon: 7- tested Beacons

PostPosted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 11:48 am
by siclark
Awesome heads up. They are £3-£4 in the UK, shipped from China or £7 local shipping. Bought one to try then will buy a whole load of they are useful.

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Re: piBeacon: 7- tested Beacons

PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 1:26 pm
by siclark
Hmmm, the one that I got seems to be like your original one. Only works for 5 minutes after the button is pressed then goes off. I haven't tried to set them up on the phone app.
It doesn't have the same uuid and Mac as yours.
Not sure how to try and ensure I get the newer style?

EDIT: I read the instructions on the app about holding for 3 seconds to activate it, and since then it is staying up when in range, going to off out of range, but coming back on again when it comes in range. Looking so good in fact I have just ordered 3 rPi zero Ws to complete the full house setup, and will order some more tags.