iFindStuff Temp replacement Plugin FindFriendsMini Released

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Sat Jan 06, 2018 11:51 pm
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iFindStuff Temp replacement Plugin FindFriendsMini Released

Hi all & Mike

Have posted a Mini replacement for iFindStuff here:

This utilises the FindmyFriends service - and works slightly differently to iFindStuff.

You need to allow a separate icloud accounte e.g your indigo mac icloud account, to become your main account Friend in the findMyFriends App.
(this new account unfortunately does also need to be setup on an iOS/Iphone/Ipad device for it to work)

We then use this new, not particularly important icloud account to access those friends we are interested it; after asking permission (Hence this account doesn't need, and must not have 2FA enabled). The forum/github explains things as well.

All the best Mike, and look forward to your return.


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