Latest Version 1.01.08 - Bug Fixes

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Wed Nov 11, 2015 8:37 am
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Latest Version 1.01.08 - Bug Fixes

Hi all

Just a minor update this time for iFindStuff. You can download the latest version (1.01.08) from this link:

This update is recommended to protect against a user identified issue that could impact some users.

What's new in version 1.01.08?

There are no new features in version 1.01.08 but there is an essential bug fix to resolve an issue that a couple of users have pointed out.

    B91 - iFindStuff has stopped reporting real distances from Google Maps but I know I haven't exceeded my API Limits. This error could occur if a user had no Home GeoFence or had more that one. The feature calculates the real distance and travel time from a device location to the Home GeoFence. If no Home GeoFence existed or more than one had been designated by checking the Home Geo? checkbox on a GeoFence device configuration this would be the result. This error could also occur if a user had created a Home GeoFence and inactivated it and then created a new Home GeoFence as iFindStuff wasn't checking the GeoFence status when locating Home GeoFences. Resolved: Improved error reporting exists for this and similar errors if Debug Option 5 is selected (Distance & Bearing Calculations) on the iFindStuff Configuration Dialog. When selected tracing information will be displayed in the indigo.log to help you identify what GeoFences, if any, the system thinks you have. It also now ignores Inactive Home GeoFences automatically as documented in the manual.

    You can also check the iFindStuffErrors.log as shown in a previous post (1.01.05)

That's it for today


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