V - How do I turn on a created LED device

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Sun Oct 02, 2016 9:40 am
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V - How do I turn on a created LED device

In the support FAQ it shows the menu for the plugin and it Lists a 'Switch On' command for schedules, Triggers and Action Groups. I have created a number of devices with the colour selected/saved for the device and they appear in the Devices window. When I initially create them they turn the device on to the selected colour, and I can also turn them Off from the plugin menu or in an action dialogue. That's where it ends though.
The switch on command seems to be missing. Is this a bug or am I missing something altogether (not the first time lol)
There is no way to switch them on again unless I actually "change the colour" for the device using the plugin's commands in either a menu or an action and then I lose the initial color of the device I set it up with.

Tried trigger actions, schedules, and action groups. All the other commands listed in the FAQ are there but 'switch on.'
Even tried scripting a turn on command and got :
"embedded script: 'instancemethod' object is unsubscriptable"
Any assistance appreciated. : :)

Version is

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