Beta Release - All Devices 0.3.30

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Sat Oct 24, 2015 10:06 am
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Beta Release - All Devices 0.3.30

Hi all

I've been working on stabilizing the plugin and adding some new functionality (more on that later).

I'm releasing a new version 0.3.20 today and it's working well on my system for four days so I feel confident enough to release it as a new Beta version.

DISCLAIMER: Given the fact that I have no Zipato devices at all most of the coding and functionality is less tested than I would like and I'm relying on users to test it for me and highlight the errors. However, I don't expect any changes in that area to impact other users

You can download the latest stable version (0.3.20) from this link:

What's new in version 0.3.20?

Stablisation - I've completed a series of tests to remove some of the more irritating and minor bugs and improve performance. I've taken a different approach to managing colours and that seems to work a lot better. There may still be some minor errors relating to missing fields - these can be fixed by opening a device and saving it again or recreating the device from scratch. However, I have included a significant upgrade process to migrate to client version 4 - the engine that provides the new functionality. You will see messages in the log to tell you that the update is completed the first time you install the latest version.

F10 - I have some custom colours that I like to use. Is it possible to save colours for use later? and The preset list is quite large. Can I save a subset of colours to use? I've added saving colours to the menu options. When you have set a device to a specific colour that you might like to use again you can now select Save device colour for future use from the LED Menu (/Plugins/LED Manager). You'll be prompted to select the device with the colour you like and then you need to enter a new name for the colour. The actual colour will be saved without spaces like Nice-Blue-Colour as Indigo doesn't like spaces in key names in dictionaries that are saved in the preferences. You can also delete saved colours using the Delete a saved colour and reset a device option.

Once you've saved a colour you can reuse it on any device (or linked group) in the normal way. You'll find there's a new option (Saved Colours) in the options list when you change colours editing the device, using the menu or creating a new LED Manager action.

Have fun with the the new functionality and I'll release other options - including the previously promised patterns, in the next day or so.

Best regards


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