Latest version 0.3.05 - Extra devices added...

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Mon Oct 19, 2015 12:21 pm
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Latest version 0.3.05 - Extra devices added...

Hi all

Ok, well I've been working on supporting non-Fibaro devices and after realising I could test these devices I've updated the plugin to support them. If you tried earlier you'd have got an error when you tried to add the device but that's resolved in this version.

Note that because of the fundamental changes to the linking algorithm you may lose any links that you've currently added to the plugin when you install it. I've created a piece of coding that will ensure that the rest of the package is properly upgraded but updating linking information as part of that upgrade would take too long compared to the effort required to recreate it :)

I've changed the name of the plugin to LED Manager and the plugin now reflects that. You shouldn't see any major issues from the change and it's more descriptive now.

I'm going to ask Matt to change the plugin forum to 'LED Device Manager' to reflect the change so don't be surprised!

You can download the latest version 0.3.05 from this link:

What's changed in version 0.3.05?

There have been a number of changes let's start with bug fixes:

    B15 - Can't add a single device RGB Bulb like Ziparto or Aeotec - resolved and tested. It will be interesting to see what people can do with this extension as it allows you to link any RGB output to any other that Indigo Supports. I haven't checked the Hue yet but I'm looking into it

    Ensure stability - I've completed a complete overhaul of the plugin especially the way that it manages multiple device types and links between devices. I think you'll find it a lot more robust and intuitive. There are a few more things that I'd like to do but this is an important part of keeping the plugin stable.

I think we're now at the stage where we can start to add some cool features (like patterns and so on) so let me see what I can do this week. In the meantime let me know your feedback.



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