Latest Version 0.3.01 - Major update

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Sun Oct 18, 2015 11:04 am
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Latest Version 0.3.01 - Major update

Hi all

Well it's been a disappointing weekend for the Rugby but that hasn't stopped me looking at the plugin. There are a couple of fixes that I know people have been asking for, a couple of new features and a much more stable package from testing results. I want to concentrate on the new features like patterns and other triggers but I feel that stability is more important than bells & whistles and I also wanted to provide accessibility for other device users.

Note that because of the fundamental changes to the linking algorithm you will lose any links that you've currently added to the plugin when you install it. I've created a piece of coding that will ensure that the rest of the package is properly upgraded but updating linking information as part of that upgrade would take too long compared to the effort required to recreate it :)

I'm going to ask Matt to change the plugin forum to 'LED Device Manager' to reflect the change so don't be surprised!

You can download the latest version 0.3.01 from this link:

What's changed in version 0.3.01?

There have been a number of changes let's start with bug fixes:

    B12 - The plugin resets or changes my settings on a reload (it also switches LEDs on!) - Resolved. The plugin does not change any settings on reload.

    Ensure stability - I've completed a complete overhaul of the plugin especially the way that it manages multiple device types and links between devices. I think you'll find it a lot more robust and intuitive. There are a few more things that I'd like to do but this is an important part of keeping the plugin stable.

    Minor typos - Corrected some of the error messaging and typos in the plugin as pointed out by users
Ok so what's new?

    b]F06[/b] - Can I use other devices such as the Zipato LED or Aeotec RGB in the plugin? Thanks to Matt I've been able to add support for these devices. I don't actually have any of them so it's difficult to test but I know that others will be able to support me. When you edit/create a device it will ask what type of device you have. It defaults to a Fibaro type device so current users shouldn't see any problems. New users will be able to add a different type of device by unchecking the new device type field in the dialog. This is also supported by a new field deviceType for each device which will read Multi or Single. The Fibaro LED Dimmer uses multiple devices to control colours whereas the Ziparto users a single device and the colours are changed using the Set RGB Levels action. Once the new type of device is loaded it works exactly the same as the Fibaro device and can be linked, controlled and reported on in the plugin. Any alpha testing would be gratefully received :D

    F07 - It's difficult to see what's linked to what as nothing is displayed - can you provide a field with the current links? There is now a state called deviceLinks that displays the device links that a device has. Note that the field displays the DIRECT links. If device A is linked to device B then it will be included in the state. However, if device B is linked to device C then this won't be shown in the device links state.

    F08 - I'd like a summary of my current setup and links - can I generate a report? There is now a new Menu option (Plugins/Fibaro Light Manager) which will Send a report to the log. This report displays the current settings for each device, its type and any links it has.

Thanks for all your support


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