Latest version 0.2.11 - Hotfix from 0.2.10

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Thu Oct 15, 2015 11:54 am
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Latest version 0.2.11 - Hotfix from 0.2.10

Hi all

Latest Version of Fibaro RGBW Controller Manager - 0.2.11

Hotfix uploaded to remove 'colourSelect' error

A glass of wine, a new day and a new version. I've now released version 0.2.11 with a couple of minor additions and some improvements.

First of all I've been working on testing the stability and functionality of the plugin. There were a number of things that didn't work quite right and I've fixed them in this version. I've also tided up the code to prepare for three new elements of functionality:

    1. Preparing the code to provide the ability to integrate any RGB/RGBW light into a group and control it in the same way that the plugin currently manages the Fibaro LED Controller. It needed to be more modular to save coding and potential for errors

    2. Integrated files such as links, colours and special working files directly into the plugin rather than requiring specific files to be copied to a specific place. I also fixed a couple of other things that just plain annoyed me but I hadn't got around to fixing

    3. Preparing the code to enable Pattern Files. These text files will allow you to specify a pattern of colours and timings, including random, to your light display and switch between them. You'll also be able to drive colour settings using external variables
The only downside to this update is that you may need to recreate your links between devices if you've set some up as the link file has changed significantly so it's installed as a blank template. Other than that you should find it works even better than before. Let me know what you think.

The latest version of Fibaro Light Manager 0.2.11 can be downloaded from the link below:

You should download this file and install the plugin in the normal way by clicking on the downloaded file.

You won't need the preset colours file any longer as it's integrated into the overall plugin. One less place for errors to occur.

This is still an Alpha package at the moment that I will be refining over the coming weeks in the same way I did with the NEST Home and iFindStuff plugins. Although you can expect some issues I don't expect that they will impact your indigo system but as usual the risk you take by installing an Alpha is your own :D

Notes for version 0.2.11

    B06 - plugin failed to synchronise lights consistently especially as the group got larger. Fixed. Linking file integrity is tested within the standard cycle

    B07 - plugin failed switch off lights when grouped. Main intensity value was not consistently managed - Fixed

    B08 - plugin is displaying spurious messages (e.g. RGB). Fixed.

    F04 - Is it possible to integrate the preset colours into the plugin so I don't have to place files in specific locations? - Completed. All required files are now self-contained within the plugin and there is no requirement to download files separately

    F05 - Can you make the colour names more readable (rather than no spaces)? Completed. I've updated the code and now colour names can include spaces. In fact the only disallowed character is the comma

    F06 - You need lightening reactions to use the Custom Colour Picker. If I take longer than 10 seconds to select a colour the plugin times out - can you give me more time? Found a fix for this using a clever workaround. You can now take as long as you like finding the perfect colour without it impacting Indigo. You'll find a new dropdown box where you can select Preset, Custom or Manual methods for choosing your colours. There are also new instructions on the colour dialogs (Device, Menu and Action) for selecting custom colours. All you have to remember is that once you've selected your colour from the picker and returned to the dialog by clicking Ok you must click the button Transfer Colours before you adjust any values and then Execute. Although it's a little clunky it does mean that you've got time to make a cup of tea (very English) and then select a colour rather than trying to do it all in 8 seconds!

    F07 - can the Switch Off option switch off all devices in a group rather than just the one that you've requested - Added

Coming soon

In the coming day or so I'd like you to test some new features including:

    Ability to define patterns and apply them to groups (e.g. flashing red for alarms, flashing green for Ok or alarm set, Christmas light patterns, random patterns... it's down to your imagination

    Ability to add multiple device types and mix & match in groups

    Ability to reduce or eliminate messages in the log

    Update UI to inform user that Custom Picker only appears on the server not client machine

    User PDF User Manual

    Ability to save Custom Colours and name them for future use

If you've any other great ideas let me know



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