Latest Version 0.2.05 - major update

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Mon Oct 12, 2015 1:32 pm
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Latest Version 0.2.05 - major update

Hi all

Latest Version of Fibaro RGBW Controller Manager - 2.0.05

New day and a new version. I've released a new version 0.2.05 which is still Alpha but is greatly improved thanks to the great testing and feedback that I've had! Actually I'm starting to see some real potential in the plugin and I've got lots of ideas for improving it. Right now I think it's a lot better and pretty cool.

I've made it more robust and simplified some of the options.

This plugin is designed to provide additional functionality for users of the Fibaro RGBW Controller Please read the Use Case post for more details on the Fibaro RGBW Module.

The latest version of Fibaro Light Manager 0.2.05 can be downloaded from the link below:

You should download this file and install the plugin in the normal way by clicking on the downloaded file.

To use preset colours you also need to download this file:

This text file contains the definitions for around 100+ different colours and is required to use any preset colours. The plugin will report an error if this file is not saved in the correct location.

Once downloaded and extracted - please copy the RGBColours.txt file to /Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 6/Preferences/Plugins folder. I'll automate this in future releases.

You should read the instructions in the FAQ post to help you get started. Please enjoy

This is still an Alpha package at the moment that I will be refining over the coming weeks in the same way I did with the NEST Home and iFindStuff plugins. Although you can expect some issues I don't expect that they will impact your indigo system but as usual the risk you take by installing an Alpha is your own :D

Notes for version 0.2.05

    B03 - plugin failed to quit properly (politely? - lol :D). Fixed and resolved coding error.

    B04 - plugin can't manage non standard characters in device names (e.g. apostrophes) and crashes. Fixed. These characters are encoded correctly.

    B05 - plugin resets the White Channel to 100 regardless of input. Resolved. You can change the White Channel to any number (0-100) before Executing the change

    F02 - Why are there two options for setting colours? I'd like to chose preset or custom at the same time. Added. Preset option has been removed to provide a combined dialog. You can set a default colour (drop down), pick a colour from the colour wheel or enter the numbers manually for Red, Green, Blue and White. You can also complete a combination using the manually entered number fields to fine tune the colour created from the preset or colour wheel.

    F03 - Can't you calculate the White Channel to convert RGB to RGBW automatically? Added. In the configuration dialog you'll find two new options. The first allows you to specify RGB or RGBW for your led system. The second allows RGBW users to specify a conversion technique from RGB to RGBW. The saturation approach is meant to be the best algorithm but you can also use the simple minimum method (white channel equals the lowest RGB setting) or manually adjust a default 100% value. Try them out. Regardless of the approach you use you can ALWAYS alter the White Channel value before saving or executing a dialog.

That's about it.

Note: When you're changing colours remember to use the Menu option (Change colours of a device or group) or the appropriate Action. Editing the device directly will not manage or process the links between devices.

If you get errors in the Alpha test please delete your device and recreate it. Most errors are due to blank or missing fields. I've tried to implement and upgrade module but it may not always be 100% successful.

Thanks for all your support and testing results :D



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