Fibaro RGBW Controller Manager - Feature list

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Sun Jun 28, 2015 10:08 am
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Fibaro RGBW Controller Manager - Feature list

Fibaro RGBW Controller Manager

Ok I've been thinking about this one for a little while. I have a number of the Fibaro RGBW Controllers around the house providing mood lighting in rooms and my Christmas lights. Although it's a minor problem - I've always struggled with the RGBW Dimmer being set up as five devices Red, Blue, Green, White and Composite. Now I see these as a single device and I'd like to treat them as such. I'd also like to be able to link lights together so that if I change the state or colour of one it changes all the linked LED strips at the same time.

First world problem or not this is the beginning of my solution. This plugin provides some additional functionality for the Fibaro RGBW Controller. I think the code could be easily adapted to work with any RGB system.


When installed this dimmer provides the following functionality:

    Combines together the RGB and Composite channels from a Fibaro RGBW Controller into a single device call Fibaro Combined RGBW Device

    Select a colour, from the device settings, using a colour picker rather than numbers

    Trigger LED changes based on an event - e.g. It's freezing outside so make the LED Blue

    In an action you can select a Fibaro RGBW Controller Manager command to:

      Link together LED devices so that they always represent the same state (e.g. colouor, on, off, flash, effect, etc...)

      Select a colour for the group from a selection of 100+ preset colours

      Switch a group off

      Switch a group on (restoring to the previous colour settings)

      Unlink LED devices so they no longer effect each other

      Manage chains of LED Devices (e.g. LED 1 is linked to LED 2 which is linked to LED 3. Any change in 1, 2 or 3 is reflected in the others in the group)

      Manage loops of chains (e.g. LED 1 is linked to LED 2 which in turn is linked to LED 1) safely

    Display a list of devices and links in the indigo event log

    Coming in the next release:

      Create present effects (flash, fade and change) to use instead of a single colour

      Add your own favourite colours to the presets

      Link colours to your favourite music tracks (subtle disco anyone?)

      Provide a more fancy UI system to allow you to make changes directly (I'm working on how I might do this outside of indigo using the REST API)

You can upload the Alpha test code from the Fibaro Alpha Test Forum at Leave me any thoughts, suggestions and ideas in the Alpha Feedback forum.

Please remember that this is Alpha code and will certainly have a number of annoying bugs still present despite testing :D Let me know what they are and I'll try to resolve them as soon as I can.



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