Welcome to iTravel - a new plugin experience

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Thu Aug 25, 2016 3:12 am
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Welcome to iTravel - a new plugin experience

Welcome to iTravel

iTravel is the start of a new plugin for Indigo. It adds a new set of triggers to help your Home Automation system adjust to your life and the travelling you do every day.

It's going to be a slow burn plugin that will have new features added over an extended period of time. Initially, it's targeting UK Train Travel and provides real-time information on train routes, delays, issues and changes. This information can be used to tailor your Home Automation to respond to problems you're encountering.

Future releases will add:

    Localisation (information in other countries including the US, Europe and Australia/NZ)
    Road journey information (using Google and Apple Maps APIs)
    Bus, Tube, Metro and other transportation information
    Ability to create hybrid journeys (train, car, bike, etc...) as a single route
    Customisation of route information boards

I could try and develop all of these before release but I think that increasing functionality is the way to go. If you've any ideas for features let me know!

This is the example I give in the manual.

A day without iTravel and Southwest rail...

    1. Wake up
    2. Look at the National Rail website and realise my trains are delayed yet again
    3. Decide to get up early to catch an earlier train so I won’t be late
    4. Shower in cold water – NEST hasn’t realized I’m getting up earlier – but then neither did I until 5 mins ago
    5. Coffee not ready – it won’t be for another hour when the house wakes up so leave in a bad mood

A morning with iTravel and Southwest rail…

    1. iTravel spots that my trains are running late this morning or there’s a problem
    2. It adjusts my alarm to wake me up earlier
    3. Tells NEST to get the hot water ready early today
    4. Switches on the coffee filter machine an hour earlier than normal
    5. I wake up, iTravel announces (as part of my daily briefing there’s a problem with the trains)
    6. Shower in hot water, drink fresh coffee and, in a better mood, I catch the train

Fun huh? Actually the coolest feature is the ability to create and display Departure Boards (route boards) on control pages so adding to the functionality of your controller.

Look in the forum for the Manual and FAQ documents. I strongly recommend you read these before you start installation as there are a couple of things you have to do first. The plugin will be released in a separate post on the 26th August.

Thanks for all the support and help



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