Summary of the current state of Google/Nest

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Tue Sep 17, 2019 10:43 am
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Summary of the current state of Google/Nest

While I don't want to be "Debbie Downer," I found this article is one of the better ones I've seen in terms of how it expresses issues with Google/Nest products that Indigo users face.

While Google might argue its new system will be good for users in the long run, the fact remains that customers spent money on a product, and Google is taking that product out of customers' hands and replacing it with something different. In effect, Google just unplugged many of its users' smart homes, all while asking them to kindly move into a new, Google Assistant-branded tenement. In the long run, Google assures us, things will get better. Its track record with killing products doesn't inspire confidence. ... 0001960246

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