Direct Access

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Tue Jun 26, 2018 4:52 pm
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Direct Access

So I've been reading this forum, and understand that Indigo can communicate directly with a Nest Thermostat, without having to go thru "the cloud", so to speak. I don't have a problem setting up a Nest account, but would like to be sure that once I get everything set up with the auth key, that the app on my phone could be deleted, and let Indigo take over.

I've already got different ways for Indigo to know if I'm "home" or not, so as far as I can tell, don't really see a need to keep the app on my phone. Of course, there may be some benefit to the app, which I can explore once I have it all setup.

Just wondering if I'm right on my assumptions here, or if there are other things I'm not aware of concerning the thermostat and the iPhone app to control it.

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Tue Jun 26, 2018 4:59 pm
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Re: Direct Access

jltnol wrote:
Indigo can communicate directly with a Nest Thermostat, without having to go thru "the cloud"

That's news to me, One of the drawbacks to the Nest is that you can "control it locally" but it actually has to go to the cloud to sync up and sometimes that can be laggy or even faulty now and then. I've changed Nest Indigo settings many times where they didn't take because it tried to sync to the cloud and failed for one reason or another. Now, 99% of the time you can control the Indigo thermostat device and it's just fine but it's still going to the cloud.

As for keeping the iPhone app, I would keep it because you might find you want it when you tell your thermostat to go up 10 degrees and it only goes up 5 because of the lag - this if you change it 1 degree at a time, if you just have Indigo set to to 10 degrees higher or lower that typically works fine. Suffice to say I've used the Nest app or website (generally the site) many times since installing it because of little glitches here and there.

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