Questions about Nest Home Thermostat states

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Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:26 pm
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Questions about Nest Home Thermostat states

I'm interested in doing more with my Nest thermostats, including some scripting and plotting/tracking my systems' behavior/performance and building some control pages. Trying to dig a bit deeper and I have some gaps in my understanding. The list of device states I see, for example when configuring a control page is pretty daunting!

Question: Nest Home FAQ refers to a "field" for "Fan On" but I don't see a custom state, can I just use the IOM fanIsOn property for this? Does this cover the multiple cases where fan can be on?

Observation: in a few cases, I notice that Nest Home adds custom states that in some cases appear to be duplicates (in terms of their descriptions that appear in Indigo menus) of existing IOM device states. Example: "Mode is Heat". Is this intentional? Are these states really redundant or is there a difference?

Question: What are custom states heatpointTrigger, coolpointTrigger, and targetTrigger for? They don't appear to be present in the Nest API and I don't see them mentioned in Nest Home docs or FAQ.

days_since_last_connection seems to be provided as a convenience, based on last_connection (from Nest API) for ease of presentation. Why would this contain a negative value (e.g. -1 in my case)? The seemingly related states minutes_since_last_connection, hours_since_last_connection, and seconds_since_last_connection have positive integer values, as expected.

Nest docs, if I'm understanding them correctly, indicate there are four separate sets of setpoint states for when mode is Eco, mode is Away, mode is Heat or Cool, and for when mode is Heat-Cool. So if I want to see the setpoint values that are currently in effect, should I just use the IOM properties, coolSetpoint and heatSetpoint? ...and do the *_string custom states mirror these?

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