Nest Home- Slow Or No Response to Setpoint Changes

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Mon Jan 18, 2016 12:41 am
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Nest Home- Slow Or No Response to Setpoint Changes

Just installed the Nest Home plugin and am finding the update time between a Setpoint change
in Indigo to the time it changes on the thermostat to be either over a minute, or not at all.
When I make changes at the thermostat I'm seeing the same slow or no change
sent to Indigo.

Having come from the Yet Another Nest plugin, which showed virtually instant changes,
I'm surprised this one is so different.

Maybe there's a fix to improve the communication?



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Mon Apr 11, 2016 5:07 am
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Re: Nest Home- Slow Or No Response to Setpoint Changes


If I remember the 'Yet Another NEST Plugin' did it's job by using data scraping methods rather than using the NEST API. The API is more reliable and gives official access to your NEST Information - however, on the minus side Google (the owners of NEST) put in place some limits to accessing the NEST API based upon their concern that constant access to the API could cause the batteries in the NEST to become drained if it wasn't plugged into AC. So the plugin runs on a 60 second cycle to update information. You can adjust this in the settings but be warned that if you lower the update too much you'll get a slap on the wrists from Google and they'll stop you accessing the API for a little while.

I'll look into optimising the cycle in the next update.

Thanks for letting me know.


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Sun May 01, 2016 3:19 pm
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Re: Nest Home- Slow Or No Response to Setpoint Changes

It appears that the setpoint in the NEST plugin shows a different value depending if you pick heat/cool setpoint or heat/cool setpoint C/F device states. I'm trying to figure this out right now.

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