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Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:35 am
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Re: Welcome to NEST Home

Any update on this. I would really like to use the motion sensor feature of the protect.
Please :)

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Mon Sep 04, 2017 2:40 am
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Re: Welcome to NEST Home

Hi Everyone,
I'm hoping that someone might be able to help with a Nest Plugin problem that i've been having. I've tried to get hold of Mike but think he must be off on his summer holidays!

Recently after upgrading to a Nest 3rd Gen, the plugin seams to be doing odd things. It will work fine for a couple of days, maybe even a week and then it will remove all the pictures and and control from my control pages and also any schedules that have been set within Indigo. I also get the following errors:-

I get this once a day!
2017-09-03 11:57:49.271 NEST Home Error versionCheck: There was an error parsing the server's version file.

This appears in the log every min.
2017-09-03 11:58:54.062 Error device "Hallway Thermostat" state key humidityInput1 not defined (ignoring update request)
2017-09-03 11:58:54.063 Error device "Hallway Thermostat" state key humidityInputsAll not defined (ignoring update request)
2017-09-03 11:58:54.064 Error device "Hallway Thermostat" state key humidityInput1 not defined (ignoring update request)

I've also found this morning that my central heating has been coming on for 6 hours overnight, triggered around midnight and going off at 6.30am. The off is triggered by a Nest schedule (not within indigo) set at 5.30am to 6.30am. I've set this schedule within the Nest App to turn on the heating in the morning and turn if off at 6.30am, but the on trigger is definitely coming from Indigo but i can't find anything in the event log. See the photos, these are the settings from the Nest App - something's bringing the heating on at midnight but can't work out what!

I've also posted this elsewhere but wasn't sure if anyone had seen it, so hoping this will be seen by the wider group.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

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Sat Oct 14, 2017 12:17 pm
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Re: Welcome to NEST Home

I am running Nest 3 V2.0.50 and it has been a great add to my Indigo home. My use cases are rather simple, but they have been super efficient for me as an amateur who is dangerous with a little information. I thought I would share my use cases, because I think they show you how great your plug-in has made some simple things in my home. As a note, I purchased my home in May. It is my first owned home since I started using Indigo and is now truly my play land to build all automations I want.

My configuration includes 3 Nest Thermostats (1 on a central HVAC Cool/Heat System) the other 2 on a radiant floor heating system. I also have 10 Nest Protects and 2 outdoor and 1 indoor Nest Cameras. Yes, I became a Nest Fanboy with the 1st generation thermostat.

My use cases for the plug-in thus far:

Nest Aware - Nest is very solid in the presence settings with Home and Away. I have a series of variable updates that are triggered when the Nest presence changes. And that includes what it learns from cameras because the thermostat and cameras are talking. If I had wired protects I would actually be able top use he, for more, but limitations of battery are something I did not realize. Nest is the most reliable system I have experienced in this are. With a pull of the variable updates and I can fire off a series leaving and arm the house triggers or a series of I am home adjust accordingly triggers.

Nest Thermostat and Nest Master - This is where I gather enough information into variables to make almost anything happen. For example if the house inside temperature exceeds 70 degrees F, i trigger a circulate mode for all the ceiling fans. This allows a schedule which is running on a wildly random order to turn ceiling fans on in different rooms for 15 minutes and then turn off. If the When the AC comes on the trigger activates all ceiling and floor fans and keeps then on until the AC stops. At that point depending on temperature ad conditions and if the A/C is still triggered for action all fans, floor and ceiling go into a circulate mode. If the temperature drops below 70 all fans are deactivated from automatic programs. When I leave all fans are deactivated. This work alone has been a huge win. I live alone in a large home and the automation with your plug in made my life easy.

As winter is approaching and temperatures are cooling I need to work out the winter version of the same principles. With the recent wild fires in Northern California I added a variable reading the weather condition for smoke that keeps the fans circulating since the house is all closed up.

I am working on some new triggers and actions that bring the radiant heat and HVAC system to a harmony so they compliment each other.

Truly am awesome plug in and so happy to have this. I look forward to future updates especially as so many new Nest products come out.

You and Nathen Sheldon are my heroes. He writes the Hue Plug in and was able to provide guidance and I tested the ability to mange multiple hubs. Both of are superstars.

Concord, CA

Jim H.
Concord, CA

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