Unable to reliably change setpoints

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Mon Nov 11, 2019 12:51 pm
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Unable to reliably change setpoints

I don't know exactly what has changed that might have caused this, but lately I find when I try to use Indigo's standard thermostat interface to change set points on my Nest thermostat via Nest Home plugin, the changes don't "stick".

Specific example: My thermostat is set with heat set point of 64. In Indigo (Mac App), I select the Nest thermostat device and use the standard Indigo interface to hit the little red up-arrow button to change the heat set point. The indicated set point (in Indigo interface) changes to 65. I hit it again. Indicated set point changes to 66. Repeat. Indicated set point changes to 67. Then wait a few seconds and the set point reverts to 64 (for no reason that is apparent to me). I see nothing in the logs that indicate any problem with the plugin (such as an error connecting to Nest cloud or anything).

After repeating similar experiment a few times, I observe that in most cases, there is nothing logged (and the attempted change fails to stick), but occasionally, I see a log message from Nest Home plugin that says set point is updated and this does actually seem to correspond to cases where the set point really does get changed. But this only happens sometimes (much less than half the time, seemingly). The other times, it seems like when there is a pending change of set point, the temperature just reverts to previous value and there is no error.

In my years of using Nest Home and Nest thermostats, I did not often make "manual" changes this way, so I'm not sure if this is a new issue or not.

Anyone else seeing behavior like this?

UPDATE Monday 11/11/19: I wrote the above during the day yesterday (Sunday), but did not get around to sending. Coincidentally (or maybe not) today, Monday, I woke to my Nest thermostats being "offline", though my network was working fine (and Nest Protects were all online and acting normally). This is the first time in > 6yrs I've ever seen this condition. I observed the problem around 0700EST and at that time, I could see in the Nest app that the thermostats had been offline about 3 hrs. Half an hour later, I checked again and things seemed to be back to normal. I did some googling (ironic) and stumbled into this site which seemed to confirm that there was a widespread problem. Another thing I learned is that the plugin did not seem to be able to detect or indicate or log this "offline" state when it was occurring.

So my next task will be to do more experimentation to see if the problem reported above was just a short-lived problem related to this outage or if it is a separate problem that still exists.

I'm starting to think my best path forward is simply to replace my Nest thermostats with something else. I find that sad, since I really liked these products and the plugin. I really hope I don't have to do this for my Nest Protects.

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