Nest home is resetting itself somehow?

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Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:30 pm
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Nest home is resetting itself somehow?

I believe this has happened at least twice to me in the last month or two:

I find that triggers I had previously set up that used my Nest thermostats go completely missing from my Indigo configuration. I had a set of four Indigo triggers that used changes in state of my thermostats. Then sometime later, I go to look for them and they are gone. I notice that my thermostats objects seem to have been removed and replaced with new ones. I say this because I had previously moved my thermostat objects to a folder called "HVAC". Now I see the thermostats are sitting in folder called "Nest Home" again.

So it appears as though something is causing all my Thermostat objects using Nest Home AND their corresponding triggers to be deleted, then new replacement objets are being created.

The only thing I can remember that might be related or perhaps caused it was a few weeks back I had been seeing some error messages about missing states (something to do with humidity, I think). I think I may have done a "reload" on Nest Home plugin and (looking at it only briefly) it seemed like that caused the error msgs to stop, so I thought all was ok.

I also note that my Nest Protect objects are still living in the same folder I put them in; they did not seem to be reset/replaced the same way the thermostats were. So it's only my thermostat objects that were affected.

Anyone else seeing this? I believe it has happened to me twice. It's kind of painful for me because I had spent some time tweaking and designing a bunch of triggers and they just disappeared without a trace!

Between this problem and the problem I reported earlier with my Nest Home objects not updating correctly, I'm sorry to say that I'm having a bad time so far trying to actually do anything useful with Nest Home.

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