INDIGOplotD locking database during conversion of new data

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Wed Feb 22, 2017 7:18 am
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INDIGOplotD locking database during conversion of new data

Yesterday, I tried to add Wind Gust data to my wind rose; As soon as I defined the data source to be the Weathersnoop 10 minute Wind Gust device max value and hit confirm, I got an INDIGOplotD log message indicating that it was converting the SQL data. And immediately afterward I began getting dozens of SQLLite error log messages indicating that other variables could not update because the database was locked.

I disabled INDIGOplotD; no change.
Disabled SQL Logger; log message :refused to shut down after polite request. Forced shutdown.
Used Utilities to fix the sql database; waited half an hour.\
Restarted SQL Logger, waited 5 minutes for things to settle, then restarted INDIGOplotD; Lots of INDIGOplotD log messages about Converting data messages, then all the SQL Logger error messages about database being locked started up again...
Shut down INDIGOplotD and SQL Logger again... Again got the log message about SQL Logger failed to shut down after polite request, forced shutdown.
Fixed the database again with Utilities
Restarted INDIGOplotD, waited 5 minutes then started SQL Logger... everything seemed to work.
Added the wind gust to the 24 hour Wind Rose; data looked perfect, going back through the wind shift that had taken place about 18 hours before.


Checking both my 24 hour and 48 hour "occupancy" plots this morning, I see no motion sensor or door open events at any time after the first round of database problems, although the events prior to that point are still there. The device data is still changing on the control pages, so either the fix changed the key in the database, or INDIGOplot is working on cached data for those tables and not querying the database for them any more. The Beacon Count line data on the same plot does continue to update; it's only the event data that isn't there... I'm up to date on the plugin as of a couple of weeks ago.

If this is a problem with SQL Lite, I don't have any real pressing need to keep the historical data (I use Weather Underground to keep up with the historical weather data and don't really have any need for anything else), so I can just switch over to PostGre and have all my plots back in a week or so.

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Wed Feb 22, 2017 8:05 am
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Re: INDIGOplotD locking database during conversion of new da

Indigo plotd does not lock the dB. It just read it. Indigo updates have preference.
But SQLite is a single access dB it is just a single file.

I was using SQLite for 2 years and then I switched to Postgres. Life is much better now
No errors better controls multi user access. ..

If you can I would switch to Postgres.
I am using the app version. Very simple to install and start / use.

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