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Fri Dec 18, 2015 12:01 pm
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Configuration Help

Fist off, thanks for making this! Plugin looks awesome, but unfortunately I think I may not be smart enough to configure it on my own. Hoping I may be able to get some help here, though.

I'm specifically trying to monitor the status of a couple of applications: Plex and Sonarr. I'm able to see whether or not Plex is running. However, I am unable to quit the process. For Sonarr (which resides in my Applications folder but is an app that contains Mono EXE I can launch the process but am unable to monitor whether or not it's running. Finally, I'm trying to monitor the status of my AirPort TimeCapsule Disk. The volume is simply called "Data' it seems to toggle on and then instantly back off while connected.

Very much appreciate any help with this!

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