ColorTouch Plugin v1.0.1 released

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Tue Mar 31, 2015 7:40 am
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ColorTouch Plugin v1.0.1 released

Download link and documentation: ColorTouch Plugin Website

This is a maintenance release to correct the omission of a source file in the plugin bundle, which can prevent the plugin from loading on some systems.


The ColorTouch Indigo Server plugin provides Indigo Users with full control and status monitoring for the Venstar ColorTouch line of residential thermostats (models T5800 and T5900) over Wi-Fi. Note that the Venstar SkyPort Wi-Fi key (P/N: ACC0454, sold separately) is also required, as the thermostats are not Wi-Fi capable without one. Venstar's optional SkyPort Cloud online service is not required. The plugin communicates directly with the thermostat via the SkyPort Wi-Fi Key over your local Wi-Fi network; your Internet connection is not utilized.

The plugin is based on the standard Indigo Thermostat Device Plugin. As such, all ColorTouch Devices will respond as expected to the standard Indigo Thermostat Device commands and queries, and will support the full range of control/integration with Indigo (Actions, Triggers, Schedules, device scripting, etc.).


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