Bike Share Plugin - Updates

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Tue May 10, 2022 5:27 pm
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Re: Bike Share Plugin - Updates

Version v2022.0.1 of the Bikeshare plugin is now available.

Updates plugin for Indigo 2022.1 and Python 3. Note that this version of the plugin requires at least version 2022.1 of Indigo. It will not work on older versions. Also, the plugin documentation referenced below may not yet be updated to reflect all the changes in this release (the docs will be updated soon.)

  • Moves "Refresh Bike Data" to Device Controls menu.
  • Eliminates need for the `pandas` module.
  • Reorganizes device states for better display in control page and trigger state lists.
  • Adds device state reflecting whether the system is within user-defined business hours (to show that data might be stale).
  • Standardizes Indigo method implementation.

Download the latest version here.
View the plugin documentation here.

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