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Sun Feb 15, 2015 1:00 pm
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New Plugin - Bike Share

Announcing a new plugin, "Bike Share". Bike Share is compatible with local bike sharing services that subscribe to a specific, standard data sharing format (see below.) v0.1.0 contains functionality for the following North American bike sharing services:

Aspen - We Cycle
Chattanooga - Bike Chattanooga
Chicago - Divvy Bikes
Columbus - CoGo Bike Share
New York - Citi Bike
San Francisco - Bay Area Bike Share
Toronto - Bike Share Toronto

The plugin supports only one service at a time, and the operation of the plugin is very simple. First, within the plugin preferences, select the bike sharing service that you want to use. Second, create a device for the bike dock you want to track. There is no limit to the number of station/devices you can have. The station names are automatically picked up from the service, so they will always be up to date. I have added a device state called "dataAge" which will give some indication of how current the data are.

If you have a bike sharing service that you want added to the plugin, it must make it's data available in a specific "stationBeanList" JSON format. These files are standardized across bike sharing services and the resulting JSON file always begins with the following code:
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{"executionTime":"YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS AM/PM","stationBeanList":
To have a service added to the plugin, just post the url to this forum or PM it directly to me. Here's a sample file:

The plugin is useful for things like triggers: "Alert me when available bikes drops below a threshold" or putting the number of available bikes on a control page.

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