Create a Scene /Scenario for 'arming the house' upon leaving

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Wed Nov 23, 2022 6:59 pm
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Create a Scene /Scenario for 'arming the house' upon leaving

Hi all,
I still feel link an infant in working with Indigo.
I would like to do several things and have it all grouped together:
Turn the volume up all the way on my Mac.
If I could; also change from my local speaker to the Bluetooth speaker in the center of the house
Then 'arm/activate/ all my motion sensors & open/close sensor throughout the house
So if someone breaks or walk-in, in anyway, all the lights come on and the system provides an announcement that the police are being called
I have mostly the Insteon open close sensors and lights. a few Z-Wave lights
I have a speaker in the middle of the house (on the pot shelves) connected via bluetooth to the computer. the Mac Mini which is in one of the kids rooms

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