Changing setpoints switches the thermostat back to schedule

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Thu Aug 25, 2016 12:14 pm
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Changing setpoints switches the thermostat back to schedule

So, perhaps this is by design (sure hope not), but I have my thermostat set to permanent hold so that Indigo would be fully in charge of changing setpoints (not the built-in schedule). The problem is that when I use the plugin to change setpoints, it switches permanent hold back to temporary hold (and will resume the schedule at the next change time). Is there some way to fix that so that when you change a setpoint leaves the permanent hold on? That would mimic the behavior of manually changing the setpoint at the thermostat. Well, sorta - when you change it at the thermostat and hit the done button it leaves the permanent hold but it does give you a different button to make it temporary.

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