Repeated Sonos Error - Offending Command

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Tue Mar 30, 2021 9:12 am
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Repeated Sonos Error - Offending Command

When I try to do grouping functions this error appears in the log, ofter repeatedly. The IP address of the Beam is confirmed correct. When I use a different speaker the error repeats itself (with any speaker) by citing the corresponding IP address I use.

It should be noted that the Sonos command creating the error still seems to work, most of the time, even when the error is given. But Sonos functions seem unreliable and I wonder if this error points to a reason why.

There was a moment when Sonos worked with no visible errors but then after a reboot more red like this.

Any ideas?

Sonos Error UPNP Error: Action Failed
Sonos Error Offending Command -> zoneIP:, soapRoot: /ZonePlayer, soapBranch: /ZoneGroupTopology, soapAction: GetZoneGroupState

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