LIFX Controller (V3.5.1) Information

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Wed Jun 01, 2016 9:09 am
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LIFX Controller (V3.5.1) Information

I have just released an updated version of my LIFX plugin which you can get here: Autolog LIFX V3.5.1 Plugin :)

The plugin documentation is now only available as a PDF - accessible from the download link above (still to be updated with new 'no ack' feature - see below).

This version now checks whether a LIFX Lamp has gone AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave) :)

In the Plugin's Configuration you can now set the maximum number of polls that can be missed by a LIFX Lamp after which the device will be flagged with an error of no-ack (No Acknowledgment). This status can be checked for in scripts by looking at the dev.errorState. This will be either '' (i.e. empty) or 'no ack' if the device has lost contact.

EDIT (V3.5.1): New device state added 'lifxConnected' which has a value of true or false. This is updated depending on the connection status and can be accessed via device triggers. This will probably be easier to interogate than the dev.errorState and has the advantage that it can be triggered on and used in conditions.

Example script code to process dev.errorState:
Code: Select all
def checkLifxLamp(lifxLampDevice):
  if lifxLampDevice.errorState == '':
    indigo.server.log(u"LIFX LAMP '%s' status is OK" % (
    indigo.server.log(u"LIFX LAMP '%s' status is '%s'" % (, lifxLampDevice.errorState))

checkLifxLamp(indigo.devices[12345])  # Replace 12345 with your LIFX Lamp Indigo Device ID
checkLifxLamp(indigo.devices[67890])  # Replace 67890 with your LIFX Lamp Indigo Device ID and so on

Any problems please report them in this thread: Autolog LIFX Controller Discussion :)
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