Squeezebox Controller (V2.0.3) Available

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Mon Mar 23, 2015 8:52 am
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Squeezebox Controller (V2.0.3) Available

I have posted a major update to my Squeezebox plugin - see more information here.

I have implemented it as a new plugin - please see the documentation on how to install it if you are using the existing version.

The major change in this version are:
  • A major new action Play Announcement replaces previous 'Play Alert' action. This new Play Announcement action can play sound files and also play speech files created from text input with prepended and appended sound files.
  • Numerous actions have been rationalised and renamed
  • Handling of sync'd players has been much improved
  • Support has been added for for overriding which state image icon is shown (using Indigo API version 1.18 and available in Indigo version 6.0.20)
  • Improved scripting support to enable the plugin actions to be invoked by a script
  • More detailed documentation describing custom states and actions

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