Indigo Users' Matter Thread

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Re: Indigo Users' Matter Thread

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I'm probably at the point where as each z-wave device fails or otherwise misbehaves, I'll be trying to find a matter device to replace it.
I don't think I would at this point... the Matter devices are getting some pretty seriously bad reviews in many instances. There are a bunch of stories of people upgrading Hue devices and going from rock solid to unreliable. That is just one example, but I just do not think it is mature yet. Many were excited and thought Thread was the future too.

Matter still may be... never know, but it sure still seems early-adopter level to me.

I have every confidence that should Matter get a large enough share that Indigo would look into support -- or a plugin developer or someone. I prefer rock solid and fewer cutting-edge options personally. I get that some don't, though; my product manager would rather me and my team roll out everything fast and furious and it is a constant battle. He would upgrade to Matter, I can say with certainty. Nothing wrong with it, just a different outlook.
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