A few Catalina Notes

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Mon Jul 08, 2019 12:22 pm
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A few Catalina Notes

So I installed the beta version of Catalina just to see what it looks like and what is working and not working. The OS is nice. A lot of graphics have been updated, and it looks more "modern". A lot of things are the same, and some things have just been moved. As we've all been told before, the client side of Indigo runs perfectly on Catalina... I haven't run across anything that seemed "broken". I have not and will not try to install the server, as I know it won't work.

One issue I did run into was with the new Music App. I have the Apple Remote App on my iOS device, and am able to control iTunes in Mojave. But I can't use the Remote App to control Music in Catalina. There simply isn't the remote "button" to click on to enter the authorization code from the Remote App to link the iOS app and iTunes. And likewise, I can't link Indigo and the Music app for the same reasons. I'm going to report this to Apple, but not sure if they will fix it. So for those of use who use Indigo and iTunes, this is just one more thing to be aware of BEFORE you upgrade!

But this is beta... not going to worry about it 'til it's released.

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Mon Jul 08, 2019 12:37 pm
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Re: A few Catalina Notes

Thanks for the evaluation.

[MODERATOR NOTE] moved to a more appropriate forum since it's not really about home automation or Indigo.

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Thu Jul 11, 2019 7:06 am
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Re: A few Catalina Notes

I'm running Catalina on a remote machine at work, one I use to VPN into my home network.

One edge case that maybe isn't so edge for those of us running Indigo is that Safari in Catalina will NOT honor instructions to trust an unsigned SSL certificate. This comes up because I have SSL turned on for my cameras. Safari presents a "this might not be the site you think it is" dialog as it has for a while, but when I click "visit this website" and authenticate, it fails to load and returns to the "this might not be the site" dialog. This works in previous versions of Safari/the OS.

I've filed a feedback report about this.

Firefox works fine. I avoid Chrome, so no idea if that will work.

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