Support for Honeywell/Residio PROA7 & PROA&Plus alarms

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Tue Feb 06, 2024 4:04 pm
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Support for Honeywell/Residio PROA7 & PROA&Plus alarms

The latest single panel/controller from Honeywell/Residio is the PROA7 & the essentially identical PROA7Plus. These systems can communicate over Wi-Fi using the Honeywell Total Connect platform. I see there are plugins that support Total Connect. However, they seem to be limited to environmental applications. There are also other plugins that require a wired connection to a Vista or similar panel (I should know, I wrote the original version of one of them). There is one plugin (Honeywell TC2 Security ) that, at first glance, looked hopeful. However, it is not compatible with the current version of Indigo and hasn't had any work on it since 2018.

So... Any ideas on getting Indigo support for these panels.

BTW, My application is in North America.

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