Use system sensors (temp/IO/network/CPUload/g…) as triggers

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Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:09 am
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Use system sensors (temp/IO/network/CPUload/g…) as triggers

Didn't need more than a 1-liner to explain that--cool! Anyway, possible? Plugin needed?


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Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:50 pm
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Re: Use system sensors (temp/IO/network/CPUload/g…) as trigg

Assuming Apple expose that data, it’s certainly plausible.

A plugin would be the logical approach.

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Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:50 am
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Re: Use system sensors (temp/IO/network/CPUload/g…) as trigg

I actually wrote a plugin to do all of that but it's one of my "just for me" plugins that I haven't made generic for public consumption but a lot of this can be done with some Py scripting. For example, if you wanted the CPU:

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CPU_Pct=str(round(float(os.popen('''grep 'cpu ' /proc/stat | awk '{usage=($2+$4)*100/($2+$4+$5)} END {print usage }' ''').readline()),2))
indigo.server.log("CPU Usage = " + CPU_Pct)

This is untested code, just an idea of what could be done.

That could be populated into a variable easily enough. It's on my todo list to publish my Plugin for this but it's a bit low on the list right now with other things I'm working on.

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