Clean Install on New Mac, Transfer Indigo 7.0

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Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:04 pm
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Clean Install on New Mac, Transfer Indigo 7.0

I have Indigo 7.0 running on a MacMini using a few plugins and some custom scripting. The MacMini is running Sierra (not High Sierra, I'm aware of the USB issues on that platform). This MacMini has been running for years, has a lot of other "stuff" on it that isn't used, etc. Bottom line, what I want to do is "start over" on everything but Indigo. There are two reasons for this. First, the machine is "cluttered" with stuff it doesn't need. Second, I'm going "all in" with Insteon and dumping all of the X-10 stuff (I've basically already done that) which means this machine will be "mission critical" going forward. I previously used an HAI OmniPro II via X10 to run all of the lighting and switches. All of that has been transferred to Indigo and I'm about to move HVAC control via Nest thermostats.

What I think I'll do from reading the forums is this:

1. Obviously have several backups including a SuperDuper image as a last fall-back recovery
2. Copy the Preferred Automation folder offline including everything in it.
3. Format and reinstall Sierra on the Mac and all of it's updates.
4. Copy the Preferred Automation folder back onto the newly formatted machine.
5. Reinstall Indigo 7 as I've seen recommended to fix permissions issues

Then, if all of that works, I'd like to upgrade to 7.1 (already paid for it). Assuming all my plugins and scripts work I'll stay there for a while.

Any suggestions or "gotchas' I'm missing here?

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