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power supply for for insteon triggerlinc

PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 6:23 pm
by kw123
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Re: power supply for for insteon triggerlinc

PostPosted: Tue Oct 15, 2013 11:19 pm
by kw123
If you like to solder and don't want to replace batteries .. here a $2 solution for the triggerlinc using standard electronics components -- and it fits into the triggerlinc box.

Using an old USB power supply and an old USB 2 cable
1. cut the USB cable close to the smaller connector
2. find the cable in the USB cable that carries the +5V, normally the red one. The "-" is the shield
3. solder the components together as shown in the schematics and the picture
4. attach the USB +5V and shield to the circuit: solder the usb cable to the short red/black cables.

Ready to go, connect USB power supply.

-- measure the voltage first (at the center pin of the LM 317 against ground), before connecting to the triggerlinc is always a good idea. It should be ~1.57V that is ~ the voltage of a fresh battery

This could also be used with other power supplies from any source, e.g. the garage door system runs on 12V, alarm systems also have ~ 12 volts etc..

Naturally if the power is off the triggerlinc is off too.


the components:
The LM317 can be bought at amazon for $1 (10 for $10)
the rest of the components (resistors, capacitors) are $0.10 .. $0.50
R1 220Ohm
R2 56 Ohm
C1 10uF
C2 0.1uF

the LM 317 schematics: ... Regulator/