New plugin for GE Concord Alarm Panel (alpha)

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Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:59 pm
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Re: New plugin for GE Concord Alarm Panel (alpha)

No but I'm planning on trying it - currently my cable run is about 6m (21 ft) which stretches the USB. It does work with a long RS232 plus the RTDI USB. I use Serial repeaters everywhere else to good effect. You (or better decouto) may need to modify the plugin code to allow a socket rather than USB only connection. I'm away for an extended work trip but it's on my list for when I return.

Let me know if you try it.i

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Re: New plugin for GE Concord Alarm Panel (alpha)

I just ordered RS232-TCP/IP converter and RS232-extender (over CAT5). I am not sure which will work better. I will try out this weekend and will post my experience.

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Re: New plugin for GE Concord Alarm Panel (alpha)

I tried this with serial RS232 extender ( and FTDI serial-to-USB. I added a panel to the device list, but it is always on "exploring" state. I tried with direct connection with FTDI serial-to-USB cable, and got the same result. I am wondering if the SuperBus automation module needs to be configured to a certain setting. It is a part of ADT provided Pulse package. Can ADT block it from being interfaced with non-Pulse devices? Just curious.

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Re: New plugin for GE Concord Alarm Panel (alpha)

I finally got it working. Few findings to share.

1. My Concord panel was installed by ADT, and my system includes ADT Pulse with Superbus module. However, ADT Superbus does not work with this plugin. I had to get a generic Superbus from eBay. My ADT Superbus module's part number was "59-738-03", and my new generic Superbus was "60-783-02". Thus, if you have a difficult time get this plugin working, check the part number. For some reasons, the ADT Superbus did not work for me.

2. No special programming was needed. I just power cycled (disconnect and re-connect AC and battery) after installing the generic Superbus without removing ADT Superbus. Both Superbus modules works well together. After I confirm everything works well, I will cancel ADT Pulse.

3. My Conord panel is in garage and my Mac is in my office, and no way to run serial cable between two locations. I tried the "RS-232 Extender over CAT 5e" (ref., but it did not work. I tried "TCP/IP Ethernet RJ45 to Serial RS232" (ref. ... UTF8&psc=1), and it worked well. Fortunately, I have an Ethernet run in my garage. I think the Ethernet-over-power should work if you don't have any other way to run Ethernet.

4. All door and window sensors work well with the plugin, but I have not figured out how to use motion sensors with this plug in.

I hope this helps anyone who might be interested in using this plugin to Indigo.

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Fri Mar 23, 2018 9:10 am
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Re: New plugin for GE Concord Alarm Panel (alpha)

I was able to get the Automation Module installed in our Concord 4 with support. The Alarm Panel and Indigo server are about 75 feet apart.

To communicate with Indigo I used a USR-WIFI232-200-V2, a 5V wireless device server, to put RS232 data on our WiFi network. See Since the device can be setup for a number of situations, here are the settings I'm using to simply put the Automation Panel's Serial port on the network.

# Device Settings on the Web Administration pages:
Code: Select all
  Mode Selection:  STA Mode
  Data Transfer Mode: Transparent Mode

# AP Interface Setting:
Code: Select all
Didn't make changes since only using Station Mode

# STA Interface Setting:
Code: Select all
AP1's SSID: This is the wifi access point the device should join. [Search] will find available wireless networks.

# Application Settings:
Code: Select all
  Baudrate: 9600
  Data Bits: 8
  Parity: Odd
  Stop: 1
  Flow Control: Disable
  485 mode: Disable
  Baudrate adaptive: Disable
  UART AUtoFrame: Disable
  Registered Package Type: off
  Custom Heartbeat: off
  Socket Distribtuion: off

## Network A Setting: (This will be the Socket Address used in the GE Concord Alarm Panel plugin config)
Code: Select all
    Mode: server
    Protocol: TCP
    Port: 8899
    Server Address: IP Address of this device
    Max TCP Num: 32
    TCP Time out: 10
    TCP connection password authentication: Disable

## Socket B Setting:
Code: Select all
    Open Socket B: off

# Ethernet Ports Setting
Code: Select all
  Open the Ethernet: Disable

# HTTPD-Client Node
Code: Select all
  Didn't make changes since using Transparent Mode

Code: Select all
  Didn't make changes since using Transparent Mode

# Advanced Setting
Code: Select all
  Port Mapping function: Disable
  DDNS: Disable

Once the Concord Plugin is installed go to Indigo > Plugins > GE Concord Alarm Panel > Configure...

Code: Select all
Connection Type: Network Socket
Socket Address: socket:// (Should match the Network A Setting on the wifi device)
Logging Level: Debug information and above
Log Size: 1
Error log size: 1
Use keep-alive monitoring: checked

After adding a Concord Panel Device in Indigo, I setup Partitions and ran [Create Indigo Zone Devices from Panel] to populate all the zones/sensors.

Thanks to everyone who's made this possible!!!

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Wed Jun 27, 2018 2:59 pm
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Re: New plugin for GE Concord Alarm Panel (alpha)

Continuation of this plugin: viewtopic.php?f=216&t=20917

joe (aka FlyingDiver)
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