Philio PAN11-1E Z-wave plug

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Questions about hardware that can be controlled by Indigo (but not through the interfaces and plugins listed). If Indigo doesn't support some bit of hardware you're interested in, and you don't find a 3rd Party Plugin for it, add it to this forum. Be sure to include links to as much information as you can find about it.

Note: adding it here does not mean we're going to add it - in fact it's possible one of our 3rd party developers may decide to write a plugin for it. We add hardware/features based on a lot of different factors beyond just having a request for it.

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Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:30 am
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Philio PAN11-1E Z-wave plug

I've tried to add the Philio PAN11-1E plug-in switch to my indigodomo server without any success.

I was wondering what would be need to get these devices supported by Indigo?

Here you can see details of the device:


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