IndigoPluginHost crash?

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Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:58 pm
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IndigoPluginHost crash?


MacMini running I7 was not reachable via VNC (but it was pingable); I7 Client from iMac could not connect, only after few retries.
I succeeded to connect to MacMini and had a look at and found a crash log for the IndigoPluginHost (see attachment, I added the extension ".log" because ".diag" was not accepted).

I do not know if IndigoPluginHost crashed because macOS had a problem or the other way around.
When I succeeded to connect to Indigo via Client on iMac I saw the plugin list totally empty.

Attached also the latest log file from Indigo (zipped and extension renamed to ".log").

(83.29 KiB) Downloaded 10 times
(55.41 KiB) Downloaded 12 times

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Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:28 am
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Re: IndigoPluginHost crash?

I'm seeing random communication issues between the Indigo Server and the various plugins (each of which runs in a separate IndigoPluginHost process). The most common thing that causes this is a misbehaving plugin, but we've also seen it happen when a Mac is just overloaded.

If it continues to happen, I'd recommend monitoring Activity Monitor for processes that are taking up significant CPU or Memory and see if there's an obvious problem process. If it's an IndigoPluginHost process, click the Information button in the upper right corner of Activity Monitor and click the Open Files and Ports tab - that will show you which plugin it is. Disable that plugin to see if that's causing the issue.

[MODERATOR NOTE] we don't allow random attachments here on the forums because we don't want arbitrarily large files to hang around forever. In the future, just send any log files/crash reports to us via email and just refer to the forum post describing the problem in the email (so we can link the two). I'm going to remove the attachments once we both have them for investigation.

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