Indigo Touch and Reflector

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Thu Jun 06, 2019 12:28 pm
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Indigo Touch and Reflector

Last evening, we had an extended ISP outage, so my Echo devices were all offline. I tried to use Indigo Touch on my iPhone (which was connected to the local network), but I could not connect to my Indigo Server. Obviously, I had no connection to Reflector, but I thought that Indigo Touch could communicate to Indigo Server over a LAN if both the iOS device and the server were on the same LAN.
Is that an incorrect assumption, i.e., that Reflector is not required when the iOS device running Indigo Touch and Indigo Server are connected to the same LAN or is Reflector the only way for Indigo Touch to connect to Indigo Server?

After the outage ended, everything returned to normal and I could control devices from Indigo Touch, confirming that the ISP outage was the apparent problem.


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Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:12 pm
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Re: Indigo Touch and Reflector

That is correct - Indigo Touch will first attempt to connect on the local network, and if it can't and it knows about a reflector, it will attempt to connect that way. The switching should automatically happen. The next time you're on the same network as your Indigo server (make sure they are on the same network/subnet), then delete your connection and recreate it. That will make sure that it has all the right information to switch automatically.

Two possible reasons why it didn't work: 1) the Mac running the Indigo Server has changed IP and bonjour name such that Indigo couldn't find it any more, 2) the connection in Indigo Touch was created manually using the reflector information (and therefore didn't know how to connect locally)

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