Start a scen/show in a DMX Software from Indigo

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Thu Dec 14, 2017 6:18 am
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Start a scen/show in a DMX Software from Indigo


Here is a small tuturial on how to trigger/start a program/show/scene in Q Light Controller Plus

Q Light Controller Plus is a free Open Source software for DMX control, it can be run on Windows/MacOS/Linux and RasberryPi

I know there is a plugin to control a USB DMX dongel directly, but it didt fit my needs, so here is another way

You will need at least one DMX light and a DMX USB dongel or a Ethernet DMX device for this to work

1. Install Q Light Controller Plus and set up the system by adding your DMX lights and program your functions
(I used version 4.10.5b and installed it on the same mac as indigo, there is a newer version, but i got crash issues with that)
Now you can control your lights with Q Light and trigger the differnt scenes etc

2. In Q Light under Inputs/outputs check "input on OSC

3. Install pyOSC on the indigo machine
Code: Select all
pip install pyOSC

4. Save this script as a file on Indigo (You need to change the IP number if not using tha same machine as indigo)

Code: Select all
import OSC

def send(address, value=0):
   c = OSC.OSCClient()
   c.connect(('', 7700))
   oscmsg = OSC.OSCMessage()


5. Make a trigger or actiongroup in indigo to trigger the script as a file

6. If you like to make more then one trigger in Q light, make several of the script but change both indigo01 to indigo02. Or what ever you like, the important thing is that it sends a differnt datastring

7. In Q Light under Inputs/outputs, click on Profile, and make a new profile, name it and chose Type OSC. Then under channels, press the "wizard wand"
This means that Q Light is listening on incomming packets

8. Trigger all of the indigo scripts you made

9. In Q-Light Press the "wizard wand" again and save the Profile

10. In Q-Light open Virtual Console and make a button. Double click on the button and connect the button to the function you want in Q Light, then under "External Input" click Chose, then pick the indigo input you like to trigger this button for example indigo01

11. Now change Q Light from Design Mode to Operate Mode


This means if you trigger the script, you will "Press" the button in Q Light and this will start any cool lightshow or scene you like.

I have just started testing this, and i am sure there are many other cool functions this setup can do, but i just tested this as a proof of concept, and i only have one DMX light right now,

I know that in Q Light you can make a "Show" and run it with music as well, so i think with this you can do realy cool Haloween pranks :-)

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Thu Dec 14, 2017 8:05 am
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Re: Start a scen/show in a DMX Software from Indigo

Very cool! Time for DJ Indigo to hold a dance party!

SmartThings refugee, so happy to be on Indigo. 10.12.6 on an i5 MBP w/Harmony Hub, Hue, DomoPad, Dynamic URL, Device Extensions, HomeKit Bridge, MatplotLib, Plex, uniFAP, Wunderground, Nanoleaf, LED Simple Effects, Airfoil Pro, Grafana.

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Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:43 pm
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Re: Start a scen/show in a DMX Software from Indigo

It would be nice to get OSC support built into ID natively. I use indigo to trigger Qlab( for some audio playback and video playback. Its always good to read about someone else utilising OSC for Home Automation.

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