unable to see IP camera in control page

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unable to see IP camera in control page

Post by domlazar »

I use control page to show security camera from a DVR managed by security spy.
I'm able to have my 8 cameras on my control page with no problem. Recently I've added an IP camera (on different IP address than my DVR) managed by Security Spy , not able to have any view on my control page

here is the URL that I use for one of my DVR camera;
http://XXX.XXX.90:8080/++image?cameraNu ... height=720
here is the URL for my IP camera:
http://XXX.XXX.110:8080/++image?cameraN ... height=720

Do I need different server in my Devices, one for my "192.168.90:8080 cameras" (from my DVR), an other one for other IP address?

any cue to have it on my control page.
Is it possible to manage PTZ from Indigo control page?
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Re: unable to see IP camera in control page

Post by mundmc »

If Security Spy recognizes it, you should be able to serve up refreshing image stills to Indigo by using the IP of the Security Spy server.

More details on what is different about the new camera might help.

I assume there is no password being passed over the link?

Can you access the still images from the new IP camera via web browser?
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Re: unable to see IP camera in control page

Post by cesarvog »

The IP address you posted is missing one octet.

You posted http:// xxx.xxx.xxx:8080....

Should be http:// xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8080...
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