Insteon Stuff for Sale

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Mon Jan 16, 2023 7:36 pm
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Insteon Stuff for Sale

We’re about to move into our new home. I’m pulling out the rest of the Insteon stuff in our current home. Here’s what I’ve got for sale:

1 - Smartenit Model #5010A EzFlora 8-Zone irrigation controller with ELK 24V AC power supply
1 - Insteon 6 button Keypad Dimmer Switch Model 2334-2 (one button is missing)
1 - Insteon SwitchLinc Dual-Band Dimmer (White)
4 - Insteon SwitchLinc Dual-Band Dimmers (Black)
1 - Insteon SwitchLinc Dual-Band On/Off Switch (Black)
1 - PowerLinc USB Dual Band #2413U
2 - Insteon OutletLinc Dual Remote Outlet (2663-222)

Everything is in working order. Feel free to reach out to me privately if interested.

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