Tech help Wanted - $$$

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Mon Sep 18, 2023 7:54 am
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Tech help Wanted - $$$

Bourbon, Fine Gins, Beer, and of course cash :D


I am looking for help on the topic of dashboards

The past decade of swamping from Vera, to Vera Edge, and finally to indigo with Z-sticks for stability has been time a learning journey.

As my interest in tinkering winds down, I engaged SAVANT to eliminate my Wife's tv remote frustration, it was a very expensive engagement, but so elegant and it just works. Savant does not do zwave (well, ezlo , reluctantly, and I don't want that )

I do use apple phones, ipads etc, but my setup is ~ 40 % Lutron Casetta, 10% Lutron Ra2Select, and the rest Hue / Zwave. I do not purchase HOMEKIT devices for the sake of the Homkit label as I want to keep things on as few platforms as possible. I have a total of ~ 120 devices.

That said, I would like to have an elegant, room by room dashboard (like Savant) solution. Is this VIZ app truly viable to control my Indigo setup, and if so, how would Homekit discover all my Indigo devices to appear in the dashboard?

Given I am not a true coder, losing my interest to tinker and just want things to work, if the above is not a solution, I welcome others suggestions for designing a nice, clean interface that can control my Indigo eco system.
MQTT, and Mosiquitos, and Dockers, OH MY :?

The idea of moving from Indigo to Home Assistant,Homeseer, etc, or some other platform is not something I am sure I am up for. Now, if anyone is traveling near the Richmond VA area, and interested in a consulting engagement, lets talk :-)

If moving off of Indigo is necessary, onto another platform, I would need that consulting assistance, but want to have the flexibility of learning and not be locked out like Savant does ...


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