Takeover Module (for home alarm wired sensors)

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Mon May 15, 2017 7:52 am
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Takeover Module (for home alarm wired sensors)

Hi all - I'm a long time user/reader but first time poster. I have had insteon and Indigo home automation for years and now I'm trying to use the system as a home grown alarm system. I'm sick of the contracts for traditional alarm systems and the monthly payments to add rudimentary mobile features and stick-on monitors when my house is already hard wired have driven me to this.

What I want to do is to sense the opening of hard wired alarm zone sensors and send them to Indigo either via Insteon or Z-Wave, or others that are compatible. I have found exactly what I want however it is a proprietary Z-Wave solution for 2Gig alarm systems and is known as a takeover module:


I can do something similar with Insteon I/O Link but they only have 1 input sensor per device. Maybe I've missed something but are there other off the shelf solutions for this?


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Mon May 15, 2017 9:08 am
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Re: Takeover Module (for home alarm wired sensors)

If you already have wiring in place, why not just go to eBay and pick up a DSC PC1832 / 1864 panel board ($ 30.00) a couple keypads RFK5500 / PK5500 ($40 - 70) and a Eyez On EVL4CG ethernet interface ($90) replace you old equipment an the use the DSC plugin to talk to indigo. You will then still have a proper alarm without the fees and the benefit of Indigo communication.


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Mon May 15, 2017 11:30 am
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Re: Takeover Module (for home alarm wired sensors)

If it's all "hard contact" magnetic and relay sensors, a single rPi3 with Karl's PiBeacon plugin will also work to send the state of up to 2 dozen contacts to Indigo... That's what I am doing at my place where the original home builder pulled wires from all the windows and doors into the master bedroom closet but the prior owner never sprung for an alarm panel. PiBeacon to Indigo to pushover to my phone works very well, with BLE devices (tiles, fitbits, android phones ; iPhones keep shutting down their beacons) acting to arm and disarm the system automatically. I have gone with Z-wave motion sensors and smoke detectors rather than pull wires for those, though. Depending on how much of a system you already have in place, the DSC panel might be a better fit.

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