ITW twitchy about connectivity

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ITW twitchy about connectivity

Post by nathanw »

I have a tab open with ITW on a Chromebook in my office. Every time I come in in the morning and switch to that tab, it has the banner/window that the server can't be reached, and that I should refresh. I think the page or the whole laptop just went to sleep.

I *can* refresh, but it feels like ITW ought to be able to do some retrying of its own, and maybe pay attention to the various online/offline browser states to trigger retries.

Is this expected behavior?
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Re: ITW twitchy about connectivity

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For the moment, this is expected behavior. We use websockets to connect to the Indigo Server, so when the network connection dies so do the websockets.

We will add a feature request to look into some kind of retry logic for a future release.
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