Indigo column resizing for 'State'

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Fri Sep 15, 2017 1:32 pm
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Indigo column resizing for 'State'

It seems that every column except the State column can be resized but State has a max of 24 characters. I am using the Adapters plugin and would like to be able to expand it so I can put longer text such as 'Utility Outside Door Closed', 'Conservatory Garden Door Closed', 'Yale Front Door is Unlocked'
Is it possible to change the max to 30 or fully expandable like the other columns?



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Sat Sep 16, 2017 9:58 am
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Re: Indigo column resizing for 'State'

Our theory is that the "state" of a device should be as brief as possible such that just a simple glance will convey the overall state - so an icon and just a word or two. In your example, shouldn't "Open" and "Closed" be enough since the device name is already in a separate column? For instance, an A/V device (like an iTunes server) just shows Playing, Paused, etc, because those are easily seen at a glance. If you want more detail, that's what custom states are for (what is the name of the track playing, the current playlist, etc).

I wasn't particularly thrilled with "plugin disabled" as the state when a plugin was disabled, but frankly couldn't come up with anything shorter that conveyed it. But that's already an exceptionally long string and is mostly there just as an explanation of the error case.

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