[ANSWERED]: I7 bandwidth changes?

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Mon Nov 14, 2016 9:33 am
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[ANSWERED]: I7 bandwidth changes?

This could absolutely be a performance problem on my network, either temporarily or not, but I never had any issues connecting directly to my server from work using the Cocoa client. Haven't used the prism reflector since my trial expired.

Now with I7 today, trying the reflector from work gets a very slow connection to the server (meaning it takes a while to bring up the windows) and timeouts trying to load plugins, so on my remote display, all the plugins show as not loaded--even for things like Z-wave!

So I wonder if the reflector now uses more bandwidth than it used to. For reference, my home DSL is 11Mbps down/.08Mbps up. Yeah, terrible.

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Mon Nov 14, 2016 10:48 am
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Re: I7 bandwidth changes?

Not much changed in Indigo 7 with its built-in Web server (which is what Indigo Touch + reflector communicate with), so I don't think it is related to the upgrade. You might want to do a SpeedTest on your network – maybe it is worse now upstream than it used to be.


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