GoPrism Working?

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Mon Nov 22, 2021 8:40 pm
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Re: GoPrism Working?

Yes, we transitioned to using for reflectors years ago. Recently we decommissioned the domain and sent out emails to everyone we flagged as still using it. It is possible your account slipped through the filtering we used to determine the email list, or it was filtered as spam.

Note you can have Indigo automatically use the new address by connecting via Bonjour while your iPhone is at home on the same network as your Indigo Server. In that case just selecting your database name from the list of servers (it should automatically show on the settings screen if Bonjour is working on your home network) will save off your reflector name to be used when you are not home. If you had manually added your reflector address it would not have automatically updated, which may be what happened in your case.


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