Indigo 1.1 beta 5 posted

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Mon May 05, 2003 2:01 am
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Indigo 1.1 beta 5 posted

The latest beta of version 1.1 is available for download at: ... o_beta.dmg

!!! Warning !!! This is beta software. Be sure and backup your database file before using it.

Included in this beta:

Support added for the Sony Ericsson Clicker. Allows remote control of Devices and execution of Action Groups using a bluetooth enabled Sony Ericsson phone and the Sony Ericsson Clicker application. Inside Indigo, use the "Display in remote UI" checkbox in the Devices dialog and Action Groups dialog to control which items are displayed on the phone menu.

Support for the W800RF32 RF receiving interface.

Major enhancements to the attachment script plug-in architecture. In general, attachment scripts should now be saved as "Compiled Scripts" and not as applications. Indigo will automatically load all attachment scripts at application launch, and all handlers (subroutines) in attachment scripts can be directly called from within an Indigo AppleScript action. Conversely, attachment scripts can now directly call back into Indigo.

iTunes attachment script that allows remote control of iTunes using the "X10 Entertainment Anywhere" remotes was rewritten to use the new plug-in architecture. This means you no longer need the iTunes attachment application.

New AppleScript verbs "send x10 on" and "send x10 off" to send on and off commands directly to a specific X10 address.

New AppleScript verb "execute group" to directly execute all actions in a named action group.

Several new AppleScript properties on the device object: display in remote ui, last changed, supports on off, supports dimming

New AppleScript property to action group object: display in remote ui.

General UI cleanup. Clutter reduced in some dialogs.


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