Switchlinc - Leading Edge Electronic Dimmer

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Thu Jul 01, 2010 4:57 pm
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Switchlinc - Leading Edge Electronic Dimmer

Is there a rule of thumb I can follow when purchasing lighting that will be connected to a Switchlinc dimmer, 2476DH, to minimize: buzzing, line noise (insteon interference), and damage to light or switch?

On the phone, Smarthome tech support said the company technically does not support Swtichlinc use on 120V to 12V transformers, but a transformer compatible with "leading edge electronic" dimming should work. Apparently "leading edge" may also be called "standard phase" and might be dimming the lights by not providing power on the front side of the power cycle's sine wave. Lutron Document

I've spent a lot of time searching this forum and the Internet, but do not have a technical background and need a rule of thumb, like:
1. 120V GU10 halogen, (best?)
2. 12V mr16 with magnetic transfomer, (better?)
3. 12V mr16 with electronic transformer, (might buzz, might create noise, but won't start a fire?)

The Lutron document above seems to suggest that magnetic transformers would work better than electronic ones with the switchlinc, However, the installation instructions for one of the magnetic transformers, states "This product may be dimmed only with a low voltage magnetic dimmer." I do not know if that means the dimmer is "magnetic" as opposed to "electronic" or if that means the dimmer is electronic but designed to control a magnetic dimmer via leading edge / standard phase control.

Replacing a 12V monorail system that had 5 x 20 watt mr16's on an electronic transformer rated at 105 watt max. It burned out after about 2 years of use -- probably because it's programmed to turn on and off via a motion sensor that is triggered many, many times per day.

We'll probably want another 12V monorail system because we find the 12V styles aesthetically pleasing compared to the relatively few 120V styles on the market.

Thanks in advance.

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